About Me


Currently I’m a senior at Emory University in Atlanta, though I’m originally from Manchester, Maine. I’m working towards my B.A. with majors in both media studies and dance, as well as a concentration in arts management. At Emory, I’ve founded a hip-hop dance group (Adrenaline) and a chapter of a sorority (Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.) in which I serve as Publicity Chair. I also have had the opportunity to study abroad at the F.A.M.U. film school in Prague.

This website was created for Marc Bousquet’s class Film 208: Digital Media and Culture.










I’m interested and engaged in many activities, but these are some I’ve been passionate and working on for a long time:


A large part of my life has been dedicated to studying dance and movement. At Emory, I’ve had many opportunities to learn from teachers of all backgrounds and engage in an active dance community. I’m proud to say I’ve been able to give back to this community through my efforts to expand hip-hop dance on our campus. As a co-founder of Adrenaline, my team works to empower females to be able to express themselves.


Emory promotes itself as a beacon of diversity, but from my first day on campus I’ve come to understand just how divided the concepts of diversity and inclusion can be. When we celebrate and acknowledge our differences, we can learn from one another and produce a better community. For this reason and many others I believed it imperative to found the Alpha Nu chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated on Emory’s campus. With the support of my sisters, I am able to make greater change on a campus in need.


I find that as I grow older, I experience fewer and fewer moments of true wonder and amazement. For me, there’s really only one thing that never ceases to feel like childhood magic even today; films. This was the initial realization that sparked my interest in the industry, and from then I’ve been working my hardest to surround myself with the necessary knowledge and skills. Between media and film classes at Emory and the F.A.M.U. film and television school, PA work, side projects, and interning for several production companies in Atlanta and Chicago, I’ve been busy. Stay tuned for my Honors Thesis in screendance next semester!